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PAX low rate - do we see them again?

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If driving for UBER we rate a PAX low, like (1* or 2*), or they rate us bad, ar we match again? Are we gonna see them again?


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The pax doesn't know how you rate them, unless you do it while they watch you. I wait until they leave the car, so they cannot watch me rate them.
yeah, but that was clearly not the question.
that sux dude, there are people I simply dont wanna deal with, they should use the T, I hope none of us deal with them
I had over 2200 ride and I don't think I ever had pax twice. Majority of uber pax are regular T users and they find uber X cheaper and more convenient that subway. Get used it to it as long as you driver uber X you will certainly get cheap T aka uber pax.
To tell you the truth I have a little bit over 3000 rides for uber and lyft both. It depends where are you driving. My area is a small town and I give rides to the same people every single day, every single week, we know each other already. Anyway this is not what I asked for.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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