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Pax lost property

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Hey guys,
If pax leaves anythig in the car would your return it back? Also can we charge to return it to them? How does it work
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if its iphone6 or same value phone keep it and sell it.
the last property i had was a bag with birthday card, id card and flip flops. 20 -30 min drive to cistomer (we aggreed on that next day)where he was working he said 30£ on the phone but he gave 35£
to make Uber look great!
cool story bro carry on. fuuck uber.
We have to care abour uber opinion and uber doesnt give a fuuck about drivers ? please.
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I once returned an iPhone 6 looked brand new. I blatantly asked for a tip which I got £10.

the next day the b**ch complained to uber and uber text me and said you are not allowed to take cash off customers.

i should have kept it and let her realise in the morning and then made her travel half way round london to pick it up from where I live.

some times kind heartedness doesn't get u no where
hahah lol
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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