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Pax lost property

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Hey guys,
If pax leaves anythig in the car would your return it back? Also can we charge to return it to them? How does it work
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of course you would return it back. it isn't yours to keep. I think you can't charge them for it which pisses u off. but if they offer then u don't say no.....

alternatively if they don't mention money then tell them to come to your neck of the woods at a time it suits you. when you say that they normally say "Oh I'll pay u if u drop it off"

bobs your uncle then
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I once returned an iPhone 6 looked brand new. I blatantly asked for a tip which I got £10.

the next day the b**ch complained to uber and uber text me and said you are not allowed to take cash off customers.

i should have kept it and let her realise in the morning and then made her travel half way round london to pick it up from where I live.

some times kind heartedness doesn't get u no where
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