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Pax injuried while entering to your car

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Lady pax P....(just intitial for legal/privacy reason) bumped her finger while entering to my car this morning at Fairmount hotel. She did swear at me and got out. I had to end the trip asking Uber “do not charge rider”. 3 hours later, I received an e-mail from Uber saying my account was being held while investigating the accident. I had to fill out their form saying my side of the event. Of course I had dash cam that could hopefully save my day and week. Someone picked up the lady pax at Fairmount hotel today? If so, what was her situation? Thanks folks.
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Thank God for Dashcam ! she is trying to give someone else a headache because she is a stupid.

unless you started moving before she sat down or your car has something that’s not fixed she can not blame you .

What’s your side of the story ? airs not like you did anything wrong.

Make sure interior cam must be equipped with infra red. It costs you, but it will protect you all times including overnight parking on street. Most importantly, every Uber/Lyft ride.

Hi wk1102 and dixon. You really need dash cam.
Did you have a shop wire it ? doesn't it kill your battery.
View attachment 228269 Hi folks. I just want to let your guys know the process after pax got injury. After filled out the the form via Uber e-mail and you will get the call from James River insurance. (Photo with company phone number on top is attached). They claimed drivers can be denied coverage depends how serious of the incident. Be extra careful while Ubering.
What do you mean ? Was he referring to the cap on coverage ? The cap is for us the drivers, the riders / other people get that famous 1 million $$$ coverage.

Hopefully personal health coverage helps with the cap , we can only hope lol
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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