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Pax injuried while entering to your car

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Lady pax P....(just intitial for legal/privacy reason) bumped her finger while entering to my car this morning at Fairmount hotel. She did swear at me and got out. I had to end the trip asking Uber “do not charge rider”. 3 hours later, I received an e-mail from Uber saying my account was being held while investigating the accident. I had to fill out their form saying my side of the event. Of course I had dash cam that could hopefully save my day and week. Someone picked up the lady pax at Fairmount hotel today? If so, what was her situation? Thanks folks.
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That lady deserves a middle finger.Trick.

How does it protect you for overnight parking if it's turned off when the engine is off?
His is hardwired to the battery with a kit you can buy wherever you purchase your dashcam or amazon so it has a constant +12v source for power without over draining your battery and protecting the cam from electrical surges etc.
Jesus, their isn’t a single entity in this over complicated BS industry that isn’t a crook? Smh.
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