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Pax farts in car

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I was driving these 2 young guys in downtown . one of them suddenly lets out a really smelly stinky one. Doesnt even apologize or at least open the window. Instead he goes like "oh man too many substances in my stomach right now"
So he knew he had a bad case of gas and instead of holding them in he chose to be deliberately disrespectful and inconsiderate.
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Best thread on the forum!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm taking note, so that if it happens to me, ALL WINDOWS DOWN AND LOCKED THE ENTIRE REST OF THE TRIP!!! Let it be winter time and we're on the expressway with a full on blizzard outside, I DONT CARE!!!
"You mind rolling the windows up?!?! It's cold!!"
Me: *turns the heat on with windows still rolled down*
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