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And we hate to interrupt but we have had a late breaking news story......let's take it to our field reporter "shiftydrake".....well Tom what we have gathered is the Uber driver was driving down the road with 2 psngrs when 1 pax let's out a vile smelling bit of flatulence well the driver thought he would be funny and lit a match........the poor car exploded and and blew the pax out into a nearby Uber automobile.....and the 2nd driver finished the trip......the 2 pax rated the 2nd driver 4 stars but the original driver perished after firefighters extinguished the fire..........the family is asking in lieu of flowers rate each driver 5 stars.......cuz tipping is not required......this is Shiftydrake reporting in the land of no tip required......back to you Tom
LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! You just made my day, now to go back out and .... ugh... drive. Plus, Imma taking some matches!
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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