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Pax name is "Nathan" ..I picked him up at Ducktails on NW86th 2am closing. He is inebriated....
took him to his destination. He didn't say much, mumbled a few times during the ten minute ride.
Pulled in the driveway.
Giving him a 5 star/completing the trip. he suddenly pipes up & says "what am I suppose to do"?
"exit the vehicle, sir"
"Well, I can't get out here, this is my brothers house, I'll wake up his family"
"Nathan, I suggest to enter the house... quietly"
Ping! my uber alert goes off.
"Nathan, you have to leave the vehicle, I have another ride request."
"Are you getting upset now Mr. Uber Driver?"
CELL PHONE ALERT...the rider has canceled ride.
"I am now, Nathan"
"I'll give one hundred dollars, can we just drive around for a bit?"
"Nathan, don't want your money, I need you to exit the vehicle..NOW"
Ping! my alert goes off again
"Well, what are you going to do if I don't get out?"
"Nathan, I will be forced to wake up your brother."
"I need you to take me 1300- 309"
"Nathan, gonna need a coherent address."
CELL PHONE ALERT...second ride has canceled.
I get out of the driver seat, walk around to passenger side door, opened it up,
"Exit the vehicle now sir"
"Your kidding me, right ?"
"you have 2 seconds to exit the vehicle...."
still staring him down.....
slowly ..he gets out of the car "Uber is gonna hear about this, I'm reporting YOU for stranding me out here"
"Stranding you at your brothers house ? good luck with that, man"
I pull out of the driveway, recalling the very pissed off look on his face, as I'm blasting my car horn. ;)

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Reason 1,025.349 not to allow drunks into your car, and the main reason I don't drive after dark. Uber and their sheeple (many of the users on these forums) will tell you to stop whining and go get the next drunk. Maybe one will puke in your car. Hey, look at all the money you are making. Did you get your 1 star from the punk yet?
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Don't think so , my overall rating is still the same. I wanted to drag him out of my backseat by his ears. As far as ratings, Could give a shit about it. One rider told me about a driver that coaxed the rider to watch him give the driver a five star rating, before he left.
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