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Pax canceled mid ride

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Hi everyone, I've been lurking a bit. I was driving in orange county, picked up a pax. We start talking and I ask him where we're headed and he tells me that he needs to get to a hotel. As I'm exiting the freeway the ride cancels and the Pax tells me that his phone died and that it must've canceled the ride. Knowing that this is bs and the app doesn't work this way I dropped them off at the nearest safe corner. I reported him to uber in the hopes that if he tries it with someone else and they also report him, it will get him kicked off the service.

Has anyone else had a Pax try to pull this?
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Got one last week, a woman cancelled trip mid ride, eastbound on the 10, dropped her off at Arlington exit, just south of the 10 Freeway.

Not a nice area, dark and creepy. Too bad, so sad, insurance purposes, you know?

I felt a little bad, momentarily, but uber's and pax's treatment of us drivers leaves us little room for sympathy.

Her destination was DTLA, and she "accidentally cancelled" while driving on the freeway. Picked her up in Marina Del rey. Trip didn't show GPS route, only a red dot where I picked her up, and showed "trip cancelled".

It took numerous emails for uber to finally adjust the fare and pay me. And that is what counts!

Sorry lady, hope you made it out alive.
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