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Lol, so bs!!! So many kind of pax out there. I had a pax last week, it was 2.5X. I arrived and messaged him. He messaged me back and said that I could start trip since it's gonna take him 4-5 Mins. I started the trips to see the destination. It was 30 miles. I tho, cool I would love to wait. Then when he got into my car, he said sorry but we are not going to the destination.... he just wanna go 1.5 mile.....
Oldest trick in the book that and letting somebody put some junk in your car and go back in the house.

First rule of Fight Club I mean Uber never start the trip until your passenger is in your car ready to go. Then you verbally ask him where you're going, if you approve of the destination start the trip if not so so sorry you need to cancel
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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