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I noticed the other day that the little black car cursor on the map only points up. It was working before, pointing in the location I am facing, and now it isn't.

This is on the main map you see when you "Go Online". The cursor will move in the direction I move in, but will always point up (making it look as though the car is sliding sideways along the road instead of driving correctly, to paint a picture.)

Interestingly, when I pinch with two fingers and rotate the map, the car does indeed spin, but only to point towards the original place it was pointing. It's also noteworthy that when in a trip, the "navigate" button acts like it should, showing the car in the bottom of the screen, with the road in front of it. In fact, it appears as though the way the car behaves in that sequence, always pointing up, while the map moves around it, is how the car behaves at all times now.

It's the strangest glitch. I contacted Uber Support about it, multiple times, only to receive generic "we're working on it" responses, while not actually confirming they understand what the problem is. I think they think I have an issue with the trip, when that's not the case. It's the map screen while waiting for a ping that this issue occurs on. It's incredibly frustrating that they don't seem to be even reading my responses, where I go into detail about the issue. I have searched online, and can't find anybody else who had, or who currently has this problem. My hope is that it will be fixed after the next update.

I have tried:
- Uninstalling and reinstalling the app.
- Clearing all my network settings.
- Turning Bluetooth off/on.
- Playing with WiFi settings.
- Seeing if my direction works in other apps, such as Apple Maps, or the Uber Rider app. It does.
- Restarting my phone, both hard and soft.

If anyone has had this happen, or has any tips or tricks to try to get this working, I would be very grateful for the help. I am not a fan of the way Uber Support treated the situation. Thanks in advance.
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