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Hi all!

I am a new Uber driver and am anxious to start ASAP.

I installed the partner app a few days a go and all has been fine in its operation since my account was approved for driving.

However, as of around 12:30am PST the app has become completely useless. Whenever I open it the Uber splash screen shows briefly then the screen goes completely white and the app never opens. Seems like an Uber side issue because the app worked again briefly after this started to happen then went back to not working and has stayed ever since. This suddenly started to happen as I mentioned the app worked perfectly for the past few days.

It is installed on a Galaxy 7 Edge and is version 3.95.1.

I have tried the following:
- Uninstall and re-install the app.
- purge the data.
- force stop.
- clear cache.
- restart the phone.

Did the same troubleshooting for GPS app in case some kind of conflict.

Nothing has worked even though it is clear that this app was fine up until around 6 hours ago.

Also, I did nada to the phone just prior to this… no updates, new app installs, etc.

I emailed support and am waiting for a reply but was hoping to find someone experienced in fixing these issues on this forum or at least confirmation of the same issue.

I am quite disappointed because I had planned on starting with my first drive within the next day or so and now it looks as though that will not be possible.

Is this happening to anyone else?

Has it ever happened to anyone else? How did you fix it?


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UPDATE: for anyone who has this issue. Basically, Android shuts down app permissions on occasion which can happen randomly. To get the app working again you must allow ALL permissions for the app. For now, if the Uber app doesn't have the permissions it needs it just has a heart attack as described in the OP rather than asking you to turn on a permission... hopefully this will be patched in the future.
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