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Wow! I did not know this!!

Also I just called here

I Gave them my license plate number to run a check on any parking tickets. The woman gave me my parking ticket results over the phone within seconds. Thank God as of today none. Be aware. I have received parking tickets in LA, twice since I've lived here. And I never got the ticket place on my car. Nor did I receive any ticket citation in my mail. So always check to see if you have tickets. I usually call them check every now and then. I was told for the city of Los Angeles you have to call in and speak to a live person in order for them to run your license plate to check to see if you have any parking ticket. I will also call and check for issued parking tickets in any county where I have driven. I know that the Los Angeles Parking Enforcement has the camera that's mounted on the top of their cars that scan license plates and issue tickets even without placing the ticket onto the car. Parking Enforcement LA issues the ticket by mail and on your car.
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