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Hey all,

I'm a new Uber driver and I have a friend who is building another app that allows you to make money by taking pictures of vacant homes. Anyway, he asked me a few questions and I told him I'd help him out by getting more answers than just mine :). Let me know your thoughts!

Uber questions -
1-Why do you drive for Uber?
2-How much do you make?
3- How much do you expect to make?

New app questions-
1-Do you ever look for other "freelance" type work?
2-If there was an app that could locate vacant homes near you would you be willing to get out of your car and take pictures of the inside and out?
3- How much would you expect to get paid to do this?
4-Would excessive heat or snow prevent you from doing this?
5-How far would you be willing to travel to take pictures of a home?
6- Would you be willing to ride your bike and take pictures of local vacant homes?
7-What are your worries about this type of work?

Thanks in advance everyone! Hopefully he invents this app that helps us make more money!

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Pay mileage to get somewhere and drivers will go farther.

Otherwise distance and payout are highly correlated.

I've taken pictures of cars before for another app/company for $25 plus $0.50 per mile roundtrip. If the pay was much less, it probably wouldn't be worthwhile.

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Uber Driver/Rider Manipulation


Approved Cell Phones


Best Dash Cam


Best Charge Cable & Power Adapter

Both should be rated 2.1A or better

Rideshare Insurance

MetLife, Ken Lilley, 585-924-5990 Rochester, NY

LLC, S-Corp & Commercial Insurance


American Recovery

1. Network TV Show video

Trump Economy

List Drivers Need from Uber
Not Tipping or 180 days of change by if Uber serious about driver relations

China, India new global leaders
America gave up global leadership in 2017
climate change
removed springboard - middle class
spirit of innovation fundamental in 50s, 60s, 70s lost
sdc resistance - to other conntries


Trade Dress and Referral Card TEMPLATEs

Uber TD
https://ubr.typeform.com/to/daUNsv Order

Lyft TD

Uber RC
https://help.uber.com/h/03db9e2b-270b-4fdb-95a7-afce7c6b4b3b description

Lyft RC
https://help.lyft.com/hc/en-us/articles/214678827-Referral-Rewards-for-Drivers description

Cards for both

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Has anyone gotten in trouble for that? My card advertises both services in one card.
While I have not heard of anyone getting into trouble for putting Uber/Lyft on the same card and you are an independent contractor, it stands to reason that neither Uber or Lyft would be happy with the idea. It only take one customer complaint these days. Making a 2nd set of cards is not a big expense.
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