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Open Signal / Sensorly

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Does anyone else run apps like Open Signal or Sensorly? They track and test cell reception. I run all of them on both my phone since I’m riding around all day and the phones are plugged in why not contribute data to make the phone networks better?
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Hi @Authority:smiles:

No I don't run a cell reception app on my phone because I have Verizon. I can tell you that as a former semi truck driver for 9 years and running all over the north American ccontinent, that I have always had a signal. Even at the top of the Rocky Mountains in a white out blizzard, even on the Ice Roads in northern Canada.

What I do find more useful to run on my phone is an app called GPS Status & Toolbox, and I check it at the first sign of me not getting requests in an area devoid of not a lot of Ants. Uber likes to "lose" my location even though my signal has 4 bars. Meanwhile Waze and Google Maps can see me just fine.

When I call Uber their response is to say that perhaps my location is not easily seen by their system because I have a weak signal. My response is a screenshot of the GPS app and my 4 bars and the words, "Nope! My location/ GPS is easily read and up to date....next?"

(This is a screenshot from my tablet which doesn't have it installed)
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So is there a resolution to the issue with this app? I've been sitting in a $6.75 surge for 10 minutes w mo pings...
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