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I'm trying to put together an open letter and/or petition for Uber... Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts. Is there anything I forgot? If anyone wants to share, copy and/or tweek any of this for their own use, you have my permission.

My letter to Uber...

I have been an UBER "Partner" Since Dec of 2013. Before my paperwork was approved UBER lowered rates 20% but offered a guarantee that was very reasonable and obtainable. I found that the majority of the time I did not need the minimum guarantee because I exceeded it. This latest cut is not fair to drivers. We are now making $6 per hour before commission which is way below minimum wage in San Diego. We are required to use our own cars, keep them clean at all times, and pay for gas ourselves.
We are encouraged to offer water, and wear a tie for tips even though we are supposed to refuse them if we are offered.

Why does UBER need to cut payments to drivers?
UBERS's value has gone up almost 50% in the last 12 months.

I have NEVER heard a passenger say "UBER IS TOO EXPENSIVE" NOT EVEN ONCE!!!!
Taxi companies are already suffering and will probably all be bankrupt soon. There is no reason for these cuts! It doesn't make any sense.

You are taking away from the people who make this company great! The drivers are the lifeblood of UBER!

Taking a higher commission from new drivers!
Cutting our pay to $6 per hour!
Taking our base pay (while keeping it for yourselves)
Outsourcing jobs to other countries.
Offering huge incentives for new drivers. (We are being paid to create our own competition).
Using fear of "zero tolerance" and rating systems. (We deal with a lot of drunk people who blame us for their mistakes)

Allow us graciously accept tips without the fear of being fired.
Offer perks (like gas cards) without an unreasonable goals. (200 riders per month is totally unreasonable)
Offer some type of 401K/profit sharing (even if UBER doesn't match.. it would be nice)
Cap surges, or raise prices during peak hours. (make pricing fair for drivers and passengers)
Raise the minimum fare to $5 (we lose money on $4 rides)
Only hire CSR's that have experience as drivers or require them to give a minimum amount of rides per month. So they can see the changing attitude and growing expectations of passengers.
Charge a cancellation fee that includes drive time and arrival. Why does the rider get another 5 minutes after we have arrived? That is an incentive to wait for us to get to the location before cancelling.
Start charging as soon as WE (the drivers) hit the arrival button. I spend about 3-4 minutes waiting after driving about 5 minutes unpaid. We deserve to be paid for the extra time it takes for a bad pin drop.
Allow us to respond to feedback and "flags" left by others.

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You forgot not drive at all on the poll
Since they are so threatening about ratings why not allow us to know what the riders rate us and why??how can one improve their ratings if they don't know why riders are giving them a bad rating??ive done special rides for people at times going out of my way. Did that rider give me 5 stars for my efforts ? P comparing these awful low rates and not allow us to take tips is ridiculous. I'd really like to talk to a Uber driver in Baton Rouge, La. My cell is 2252002990. Call or text me anyone in Baton Rouge.
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