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Four pax tried to get in my car ALL with open containers. Going from Glenridge Connector to the Buckhead Bars. I politely told them that is not allowed.

"Other drivers allow it", "you must be new", etc...we went on our way with some grumbling. I know that in GA only the possessing passenger(s) is cited; however, I am strict about no open containers. Even if a cop pulls us over and I am arrested that is time that I am making $$ because of turd faced pax.

Firstly, It really pisses me off how easily these people think they can do whatever the **** they please in somebody else's car. Secondly, as a black dude, I make a point to limit my encounters with police at all costs.

Do you guys allow open containers in your car and if not how do you deal with it?
Open containers as in alcohol? Never. If I even suspect it's alcohol then no. Absolutely no liquids of any kind during drunk hours. Daytime I may allow a fountain soda with lid or coffee with lid if they ask. Anything with no lid forget it.

If they protest at all I cancel. Usually I kick them out and wait what's left of 5 mins and cancel. I'll argue with them a minute or two just to run the clock down.
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