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i had an accident a couple weeks ago, my car was totaled. It was not my fault. I filled all the paperwork, got a new car and it is all approved. I get random emails from Uber asking me to complete the incident report, I completed when the accident happened. My old car is still on my account.

I log in Monday, I spend 2 hours no rides, I open the rider app, my car is not showing up.

I contact support: I do everything they ask, turn off wifi, update my phone, toggle airplane mode. Reinstall the app. Etc etc.....

Still nothing, I ask them to check my account, they said I am active, please try all the steps again. Still nothing.

I go through the process several more times. Because every time you text Uber support it is a
different person. They start the whole process again.

Finally someone on tech support said the changed some settings on my account. And I can see my car on the rider app and I started getting rides. I made 50 and went home.

Friday afternoon I log in to Uber, I cannot see my car in the rider app. I try all the suggestions before I contact support. Nothing.

I am on support for another 5 hours trying everything they suggest, finally again someone said they changed some settings on my account and I can finally start driving again. I work from 11pm until 2:15 am

I wake up the next day and I get a text from Uber saying I need to upload a clear safety inspection on my vehicle, which I already did and it marked as active. I upload it again and it said it is pending approval.

I login on the app and I am online but not showing up on the rider app. 4 hours online no rides. I keep texting support and telling them there is something wrong with my account, and they respond with: your account is all good and you are able to accept rides, try these steps.... log in and log out, re install the Uber app. They keep telling me something is wrong with my phone or my network or I should be in a better area. I have been driving for 6 months in the same city and I have never had problems like this. Maybe an hour without a ride at the most but not while I am watching surge after surge on the app.

I am at my wits end here. Any Ideas?
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