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One trip in history but not added to total

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I've seen similar questions in the forum but not quite this issue.
I had one trip out of the 32 I've made that is showing up in my history, I can see the fare and other details. This trip however is not included in my total figure on my trip summary or under my trip earnings section of the partner app.
It was a long, complicated trip taken under surge pricing. It took a lot of my time and was worth a lot.
Could there be any reason that uber is withholding the fare from this trip?

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If it doesnt show up after 24 hours, then email Uber. [email protected]
If it doesnt show up after 24 hours, then email Uber. [email protected]
I'm having the same issue with a very long trip and large fare. According to my response from Support, all large fares have to be approved by someone.
I don't know who CSR are, what your cocks nick name is if not "someone", and I'm not sure what most of the post was about, but thanks for the reply guys. Sounds advice, I'll contact them tomorrow if it's not on my statement.
Yeah, thanks, but what is CSR? Customer service rep?
Yeah, thanks, but what is CSR? Customer service rep?
CSR is Customer service rep. aka Uber minions.

Uber CSR are temp contractors from temp agencies. They get no benefits as employees would get. They dont care about your issues and they dont have the time, so they respond to all emails with copy pasted emails.

It will take an average 3-4 emails to have the issue escalated to management who might care.

CSR at the lowest level, have a daily quota they have to fill and respond to X amount of emails per day. 99.999% of responses are copy and pasted.
All large fares I believe over $200 will take a little time to ensure there is no charge back.
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