Yesterday I thought to go home earlier than usual and something inside me insisted to go online. As usual, there was no surge or PPZ which is not a big deal. I had completely forgotten about the app until an hour later I dropped my phone due to a surprise - a ride request.

What can go wrong with a Select ride that comes with a $12 surge? The moment my passenger (with a mask thankfully such that the $12 does not go in the drain) entered my car, he asked "Do you want something from Olive Garden?" Neither did he set Olive Garden as the destination nor a stop. He said that it was only a few blocks from his home. As I thought "NO! NO! No drive through!", he added "This is why I want to buy you something. I want to compensate you for your time". After I had respectfully declined, he took out his wallet ✌. What makes the trip entertaining is the process of placing the order. Whoever the person was on the phone drove the conversation in circles, in the exact manner which you can expect from Uber Support.

Adding the Olive Garden stop has added another ~15 minutes to the trip. However, it definitely worth my time! Surprisingly, another $20 in-app tip (in addition to the $20 cash) showed up this morning. What makes a disappointment is that there was no surge adjustment (sticky surge LOL).

free service.jpg

As I took a picture on the odometer after the ride, I thought - Wait! It is almost time for another 10k mile full service. Furthermore, the ride has positioned me in a location that is half way between my home and the dealer. After spending an afternoon there, here comes the second surprise of the day. What is supposed to be a $170-worth maintenance only costed me ~$50 because of the VIP discount ! The trip I took basically has paid for the maintenance!


Here is my confession... My 2004 Lexus has already aged out but I took the trip 🤫. This is probably the most insane act ever. Anyway, I am so excited that my car is going to hit the 120k milestone! It was also cloudy yesterday which prompted me to walk around to see all these beauties.