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"Bet he toilet cleaner...Quit messing about, I'll knock yer teeth out!"

Lol. Right on though, this hot-blooded fellow is essentially just giving voice to our suppressed frustrations and the exact same thoughts we have when there's a simple point A to point B, which we're simply doing as asked, doing it well and without issue...and some (censored) decides that just letting us do exactly what they hired us to do would be too easy on us...and decides to assault our brains with a variety of baffling demands and complaints, probably out of sheer boredom

It's a form of mental rape is what it is.

Rock on Hassan!

PS seen plenty of guys from all sorts of backgrounds sound about the same complaining about a stressful pax... I *know* I been there done that myself, or at least other U/L I've seen a few times have mentioned me being like that the previous time or something

Guess we all turning into irritated taxi drivers...

BTW, if anyone watches this and goes "no way, how can that be a well-rated fulltime driver" - please note that you WILL be just like that once you're out of the honeymoon period and your ride count is a 4-digit number not a 2-digit one.... If that's unacceptable for you, quit now
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