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Please note: With recent major updates to the Uber app this thread now contains redundant advice.

The aim of this thread is to provide some basic advice for Uber drivers.

Where can you get information?
1. The driver app should be your primary source and covers most topics.
2. The Uber web site for your city. Usually includes vehicle requirements, signup details, city info etc.
3. Uber web site for partners.
4. Uber contract terms (TOS)
(Update country as appropriate) or
5. This UP forum. There are various categories. Also consider reviewing and contributing to your city forum.

Contacting Uber.
1. Via Account>Help in driver app.
2. Via phone contact in the driver app.
3. Via t.uber.com/contact
4. Via Uber's Facebook page.
5. Via your Greenlight Hub.

The posts below cover the following topics
⭐ Things to consider having in your car.
⭐ New starter wiki.
⭐ Rating system.
⭐ Surges.
⭐ Accepting Pings.
⭐ Cancellations.
⭐ Stacked trips.
⭐ Passenger Accounts and Minors.
⭐ Cancellation Fees and Refunds.
⭐ Scam Warning Alert.
⭐ New Ping Screens.
⭐ Destination Filter.
⭐ Service Animals.
⭐ Upfront Pricing.
⭐ Uber's New (180 Days of) Change
⭐ New Destination Filter (Testing)

Note: Members have reported that Uber/Lyft monitor this site and deactivate drivers based on trackable screen shot information eg pay/trip info.

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Car 'Accessories'

Things you might want to consider having in your car (besides passengers;)).

Suggested Basics
Car phone holder (use air vent holder for iPhone to prevent overheating)
Backup phone charger
IOS and Android cables (charging phones)
Dual dashcam for recording inside and outside. (Highly recommended to protect YOU)
(Suggestion=Black Vue DR650S-2CH-IR)
Also check out the Technology forum for others.
Sickness bags
Wet wipes (clean up)
Ozium, Febreze, baking soda (remove smells)
Water (driver dehydration)
Mints (driver breath)
Light/torch to check street numbers and checking left over belongings and messes at night.
Gas price app
Car wash outlet app
Toilet app
- also consider malls, bars, parks, fast food outlets, gas stations, casinos, 24 hour fitness centres, 24 hour hospitals.

Battery vacuum cleaner (dirt/beach sand)
Bluetooth ear piece to help with Nav and pax can't hear it.
Puke response clean up kit
Deodorant (haha some people smell)
Umbrella (it does rain)
Large towel (rain/wet pax/assistance animal)
Rubber mats (protect carpet)

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New Starter Wiki

New drivers have a steep initial learning curve. Below is the collected wisdom and experience from drivers in this forum.

Starting out
* Read the Help section of both pax and driver apps and the Uber web site to understand how the system works.
* Take a trip as a pax to get a feel with the app and chat with driver.
* The pax app displays a max of 8 available cars.
* For safety, lock doors when no pax in car, lower window to chat with potential pax to check if correct pax and if you still want to take them before unlocking doors.
* Always check that you have the right pax. Either ask them their name, or have them confirm your name. Do not ask "Are you Joe". They may say "yes" but be the wrong pax.
* You will not know the destination until you start the trip.
* Don't accept more pax that you have seat belts as it is against the law. Fines and insurance liability issues.
* Start trip only when pax is in car, not earlier.
* If you know pickup maybe difficult and it is daytime, ring pax and let them know colour of car and that headlights are on to help identification.
* The phone numbers displayed in the app are temporary substitutes that mask the real pax and driver phone numbers. They are only valid for a short time around that trip.
* Learn when a rider wants to chat or not. Back seat, staring into their phone? Leave them alone.
* Avoid discussing topics (eg politics) that may become confrontational or impact the trip/ratings.

* Start in the area/s you are familiar with.
* Don't initially pickup in the CBD as there are few safe places to stop and harder to identify pax. Consider being off line after a drop then exit the area before going back online.
* While offline, drive around the CBD to become familiar (eg road closures, bars, entertainment venues, etc and where to stop).
* Become familiar with airport waiting areas, drop-off and pickup locations.
* The GPS map may misread while in the CBD due to signal problems caused by tall buildings.
* Schools, hospitals and universities are huge and have multiple entrances on different streets. Pax may be waiting within the grounds, not on a street etc. Contact pax to identify pickup spot. Also for drop offs, pax may just put in uni address which will be in the middle of the grounds. Get pax to direct you.
* Some railway stations have 2 or more exits. Pax may book while on the train or be at the other exit. Ring to confirm.
* You may lose GPS signals while inside tunnels. So learn the correct entrances and exits.
* Stopping at special events and shopping centres can be a problem. (Eg traffic congestion, road closures, safe dropping off, identifying pax).
* Pax will expect pickups/drop offs at unsafe places (eg no stopping sign, bus lane, taxi rank, major intersection etc). Ring, cancel, don't accept ping or find safe area to stop.

* As ride share drivers we have no special road usage rights like buses or taxis. We can not use taxi ranks, bus stops or bus lanes etc. Fines apply for speeding and running red lights etc.
* Never take more passengers than you have available seat belts.
* Ensure everyone has their seat belt on. Fines apply.
* Some state laws require children be appropriately secured. It is pax responsibility to supply where relevant. Pax will tell you that other drivers ignore the law. Your decision, your fine, death in your hands.
* Uber requires account holders to be over 18yo and be in the car. Beware of school aged children and parents who want you to courier their kids.
* Account holders (eg boyfriend) will book you to pick/drop someone else (eg girlfriend).
* You may be asked to pick/drop parcels. You are not a courier service and don't know the contents. Your call.
* Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Safety comes before everything else. If you drive every day, you are exposed to the unknown.

* You get paid based on time, distance etc NOT what the pax paid. See Upfront Pricing.
* The further you drive empty (dead miles) the less money you make.
* At ping time you will see: pax rating, surge, time (distance) but not address (you can see address if you are on another screen). Assess to determine if you want to accept ping.
* Uber allows different GPS maps (eg Uber, Google Maps, Waze). Each have their own benefits. You need to experiment.
* Technically you maybe the closest to a pax but not get the ping. Only Uber knows the reason.
* Inform pax that you will use a GPS map or would they prefer to direct you. Check if they are happy using toll ways. If using google maps and an alternate route appears during the trip, check with pax.
* Decide how far you will drive when you get a ping (eg 5 mins in CBD and 10 mins in burbs).
* The ping range is a circle, can cover the other side of a river and be greater than 30 mins.
* Pax can cancel within 2 mins of pin acceptance and not get charged.
* Pax may place themselves streets away from their actual location. If unable to locate pax you can ring to check.
* When you arrive at pickup, the pax is informed you have arrived. If pax does not appear, you have choice to ring, wait or 'cancel, no show' which gets a cancellation fee if longer than 2-5 mins from arrived time.
* Pax may put correct address into Uber app but the GPS (eg GM) may translate into a nearby location (eg next street). On approach swap back to Uber app to confirm address or ring pax.
* Tolls are included (after rider is in your car) but sometimes Uber does not include them. Always check after job and contact Uber to get reimbursed.
* Money may come out of your account, without Uber telling you, eg if pax complain. Always screen dump, check your payments and complain to Uber until you get your money back.
* Check your car before pax exits to ensure nothing is left behind. Uber will give pax your phone number and may expect you to return lost items at your expense.
* Check the rider app to see where other drivers are located and consider if you should move.
* Drivers get paid weekly but there is a daily payment option.
* Railway pickups could be short trips to home.
* Pax may want you to go from A to B and back to A or onto C. In the app, get pax to put in B and when approaching B get them to update to A or C. You will still get paid for time and distance.

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Uber Rating Systems


1. The 5 Star rating.
Uber has a two way rating system for both pax (passenger) and driver.
The rating system is 1 to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest.

At the end of a trip the driver must rate a pax. The driver can not add comments.
A pax may rate a driver either immediately, later or decide not to rate at all. The pax can also add comments. Drivers and pax can change ratings thru the app at any time after the ride.

When a driver gets a ping, the pax rating is visible. A low star pax rating means that some other drivers have experienced problems with that pax.
The driver has the option to ignore the ping or accept.
When a driver accepts a ping, the pax can see the driver rating (and photo) and may decide to cancel.

Both driver and pax have a default 5 stars.
This means it is possible to see a pax or driver with a 3 or 4 star rating.

The overall rating is the average of the last 500 rated trips.
Uber allows a driver the first 50-100 rated trips to 'settle in'.
In the past, Uber did not always update the ratings immediately. This was to prevent retaliatory actions. It now seems that the pax sees the rating immediately. Strongly suggest you give 5 immediately and rerate days later.

Pax can rate a driver unreasonably low (eg type of car, not break road rule)
Driver can rate a pax unreasonably low (eg did not talk, did not sit in the back).
Uber will not remove or change a rating.

If a driver rating drops below a city level (eg below 4.6) Uber can deactivate the driver.
Riders can create new accounts if they get deactivated.

When Uber started, the system was a novelty and more people rated. Now those same people could not be bothered to rate.

Recently Uber introduced a revised way for passengers to rate their drivers.
This system encourages negative comments.
For more information check the Help section of the app.

2. The Cancellation Rate.
This is when a pax or driver cancels a job.
A pax can cancel at any time up to 'end trip'. The driver can only cancel prior to 'start trip'. To discourage drivers from 'excessive' cancellations they provide a percentage record. If the percentage reaches a city level the driver can be deactivated.
Pax cancellations are excluded.
No-show cancellations are included.

For more information check the driver app. Account>Help or

3. The Acceptance Rate.
Uber provides a percentage record of driver acceptances.
The acceptance rate is based on the last 7 days of rides. If you stop driving for a few days that 7 day period will cycle through. It's perfectly normal for your rate to go up or down.
If you do not accept 3 jobs in a row Uber may lock you out of the app (time out/miniban) for a number of minutes.
When a rider cancels a trip this does not count against your acceptance rate.
Uber states that not accepting trip requests does not lead to deactivation.

Acceptance and Cancellation Rates are based on the last 7 days. That means it changes every day, based on the previous 7 days.

For more information check the driver app. Account>Help or

Edit: Your rating is not the only thing that can get you deactivated. Deactivation can be a result of TOS or Community Guideline breaches.

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Uber Surges
IMG_2782.PNG IMG_2508.PNG
A surge happens when a number of pax log onto the pax app in a particular area at the same time with the intention of booking a ride. When this happens trip fares may increase.

Surge pricing varies starting from 1.2x upwards. The higher the potential demand the higher the surge amount.

When it is surging, areas of the drivers's app will be coloured and include the surge value when you zoom.

A trip's surge pricing is set by the rider's pickup location and displayed in the ping. Drivers will get paid at the ping rate not the rate listed in the driver's app.

Things to consider.
Pax may decide to wait out surge.

Do not chase surges. Surges last for minutes and there is no guarantee to get a surge job.

If chasing a nearby surge, go offline, drive into surge then go online.

You may be inside a surge but get a genuine ping outside the surge.

Pax can place themselves outside the surge, book, then ring you claiming they made a mistake and get you to pick them up in the surge area. You will not get paid at surge rates.

Pax may cancel while on a surge trip so they can get a free ride.

Uber creates fake surges.

There are timing delays with updates to pax and driver apps.

For more information check the driver app. Account>Help or

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A pax can cancel a request any time prior to being picked up.
A pax can cancel while on the actual trip.
A driver can cancel a request prior to starting the trip.
A driver can not cancel once a trip has started.
A driver can only end trip.
For cancellations, neither pax nor driver can rate each other.

'Cancellation fees are automatically paid to you if the trip was cancelled by the rider more than 5 minutes after you accepted the job (2 minutes for uberTAXI/UberPool). This also applies if the rider requested that you cancel the trip using the "Client Requested Cancel" option. However, if your ETA is more than 5 minutes longer than the initially predicted ETA at this time, this fee is not paid.

You are also paid a cancellation fee if you cancel a trip more than 5 minutes (2 minutes for UberPool) after arrival due to a "Rider No-Show". If you're running more than 5 minutes behind the provided ETA and the rider cancels the request, they will not be charged a cancellation fee.

Occasionally, it will be necessary to cancel a trip. When you need to do this, do not start then stop the trip, as you will not be eligible for a cancellation fee OR the minimum fare. When you start then stop a trip instead of cancelling, the trip will be $0 on your payment statement.

The correct way to cancel a trip is to tap the 'Info' button at the top of the screen, then tap 'Cancel Trip'. From there you can select the reason you would like to cancel the trip.'
IMG_2596.PNG IMG_2597.PNG IMG_2598.PNG

(Note: cancel conditions and screen displays may vary)

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Stacked Trips

Stacked trips (or getting pinged for a new job while still driving current pax).
This feature may not be available in every city.

Uber quote....
"Drivers can receive and accept the next trip request before they have dropped off the rider currently in their car. This allows drivers to skip the wait between trips and go straight to their next ride.

All you need to do is tap the circle to accept the next trip and you'll be automatically directed there after you drop off your current rider.

The next rider will receive a notification in their app to let them know that you are just completing another trip nearby, and will be heading to pick them up once you have dropped off your current rider."

Forum comments:
You can disable new requests. When you accept or start your new job, go back to the uber screen hit the clipboard (top) and down the bottom you will see 'stop new requests'. When you finish the job and rate the pax, the app will ask if you want to keep driving or go offline.

The 'disable new requests' is not available when you have set destination filter.

Use the 'stop new requests' feature if
1. You don't like/want stacked trips or
2. If location of drop off or next pick up may be difficult (eg CBD) or
3. Current job requires multiple stops. Get pax to enter next destination/s as this is tracked by Uber and minimises subsequent potential disputes. You still get paid for total time and total distance.

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Accepting a Ping


Uber ping information

This is a typical ping (display may vary).
You can see :-
Distance to pax in time
Surge multiplier (if greater than 1)
Distance to pax
Uber model
Pax rating
You have up to 15 seconds to accept.

Forum comments:
Pickup location is NOT displayed at ping but may display if you are currently on a different app/screen.
Use the info to determine if you wish to accept the ping.
You will get paid at the surge rate if the surge is displayed when you accept.
Surge is based on where pax is located not where you are located.
Pax may place pin outside surge then contact you and get you to pick them up in the surge area. If you accept, be aware you will not get paid surge for this.
Driver and Pax map apps do not update simultaneously.
The further the distance away the more dead miles (less money). Decide an acceptable distance.

You can also see pax rating once you have started that trip.

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Passenger Accounts and Minors

When a person wishes to use the Uber service as a passenger (pax) they are required to agree to the TOS (Terms of Service) before their account will be created.

The TOS is located in the Help section of the pax app.

Key points.
1. Account holder must be at least 18.
2. Account holder can not authorise use by other parties.
3. Account holder must accompany persons under 18.
4. Pax may be asked to provide proof of identity (normally this would include name to match account plus DOB).
5. The driver does not have related conditions as part of their TOS.

Uber extract..
U.S. Terms of Use
Effective: March 23, 2016
4. Access and Use of the Services
User Accounts.
You must be at least 18 years of age, or the age of legal majority in your jurisdiction (if different than 18), to obtain an Account, unless a specific Service permits otherwise. Account registration requires you to submit to Uber certain personal information, such as your name, address, mobile phone number and age, as well as at least one valid payment method supported by Uber.

User Requirements and Conduct.
The Service is not available for use by persons under the age of 18. You may not authorize third parties to use your Account, and you may not allow persons under the age of 18 to receive transportation or logistics services from Third Party Providers unless they are accompanied by you. You may not assign or otherwise transfer your Account to any other person or entity. You agree to comply with all applicable laws when accessing or using the Services, and you may only access or use the Services for lawful purposes (e.g., no transport of unlawful or hazardous materials). You may not in your access or use of the Services cause nuisance, annoyance, inconvenience, or property damage, whether to the Third Party Provider or any other party. In certain instances you may be asked to provide proof of identity to access or use the Services, and you agree that you may be denied access to or use of the Services if you refuse to provide proof of identity.

Also see https://help.uber.com/

Member comments.
Account holders don't know/read/care about TOS.
Account holders can nominate any name to be displayed in the app.
Uber allows minors to open accounts.
Parents open accounts for their minors using their card details.
Parents book to get their minors to/from school/home and venues.
Friends book cars for others under their account. Account holder may then cancel mid trip.
What happens if account holder made booking and then you can't locate their friend at pickup location?
Account holders lie. Pax lie. Uber lies.

Consider keeping a copy of the above for your next pax 'challenge'.:rolleyes:

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Are you missing cancellation fees?

'Cancellation fees are applied in the following situations when:
- A rider cancels a trip request more than 2 minutes after you accept the trip and you are running on time (within 5 minutes)
- A rider doesn't arrive at the pickup location within 5 minutes of your arrival
- An uberPOOL rider doesn't arrive at the pickup location within 2 minutes of your arrival
- An uberPOOL rider cancels a trip request after you've accepted the request and you are not running behind'.

Well not quite.....
If the pax complains, Uber instantly takes away your money, refunds the pax and in most instances, does not inform you.

When you do complain, Uber says your payment was incorrectly applied. You lose. End of story.

Well not quite....
If you persist, and only if you persist, Uber will refund you, claiming 'Incorrect fare adjustment was made' and has been 'readjusted'. You get your money.

Reading thru the forum there are TOO many instances of supposed 'incorrect' transactions.

By automatically applying the fee Uber has deemed the initial payment is valid.
Uber is in breach of its own rules and standards and commitment to be 'ethical' when dealing with drivers.

ALWAYS wait more than the 5 mins, as Uber counts the seconds.
ALWAYS screen shot cancellations.
ALWAYS check your cancellation payments have not been removed.
ALWAYS dispute until you get YOUR money back.

Suggested wording:-
I attended the pick up address in good faith and waited 5 minutes. As a partner I have fulfilled your obligation and request the cancellation fee to be returned to me.

Edit: you must lodge a complaint within 10 days otherwise Uber will deny the claim.


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Scam warning alert

Some members are reporting that they have had their accounts mysteriously drained. Then they remember getting a phone call....

Here is what happens :-
1. You receive a phone call allegedly from Uber.
2. You may be offered various incentive payments or refunds etc.
3. They ask for identity verification (which may include account and/or password) info which you give them.:mad:
4. They then use your information to gain access to your Uber account and then direct disposition the money into their own bank.
5. Congratulations...you have just been scammed and are now poorer.:(

It is possible the scammer is your latest pax.

What action should you take?
Change your password immediately. If you don't they could take your next payment.
Inform Uber
Inform police
Inform your bank


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Uber's new ping screens

Uber appears to be testing out various ping screens in different cities. Below are some samples posted in this forum.

There is a small white line across the bottom of the box that is the timer. It slowly swipes off from right to left. You touch the grey box to accept the ride. Does not tell you the passengers address until you accept the ride.





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Destination Filter
IMG_2216.PNG IMG_3141.PNG IMG_2179.PNG IMG_3143.PNG

(From Uber web site)
You can set a personal destination in your app, which allows you to only receive trips going along or near the route to your destination. We try to make sure the pickup locations for these trips aren't too far out of your way.

A maximum of 2 destinations (country dependent) can be set every day. You will not be able to set a destination while you are already on a trip.

1. Tap the menu icon in the top right corner of your app
2. Tap the blue "SET A DESTINATION" button
3. Type in the address of your destination
4. If you are offline, you will be prompted to go online. An orange status bar will appear at the top of the screen, which means Driver Destination mode is active
5. Your destination will appear on the map as a pin with a star icon

Please note that using this feature will likely limit the number of requests you receive, since you'll only be sent requests with routes similar to yours.

If you want to go back to receiving trip requests towards all destinations, just tap the orange banner, then tap the "X" next to your destination address to leave Driver Destination mode.

You can save one destination address, labeled as "Home"
1. Tap the blue "SET A DESTINATION" button
2. Tap the box that says "Add Home"
3. Enter an address
4. Enter a time you want to be at that destination.

If you complete multiple trips on the way to your destination, it will only count as one destination use. Cancelled trips do not impact the number of times you can set your destination.

Every day at midnight, your available destination count will reset. If you have unused destinations on a given day, they will not carry over to the next day. Trips that begin before midnight and continue into the next day will only count for the original day, but any trips accepted after midnight will count toward the second day.

You can always check how many destinations you have remaining for the day in the app menu.


Destination Filter now counts towards Quests.

Forum comments
You can remove a destination IF you haven't taken a ride, and you won't lose it. Like if you want to change it to another location on the map.

Filter symbol is located top next to offline.
Once you accept and complete a trip the app may remove the destination filter.
Once you have reached your destination the app should ask if you want to go off line.
Set destination may last for various durations.
Not always direct. Pickups and drop offs can be suburbs away or behind you.
There are different versions (some have time)- see pics.
May not work at airports.
If you don't set the time you may get a job not in your intended direction.
If the symbol is not on your phone it means the feature is not available in that particular area/zone, or being tested. Eg will appear while you are in CBD but not if you are in far west.

Note: Uber increased from 2 to 6 destinations as part of 180 days of change but reduced it back to 2 after one month.

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Service Animals

Short version
As a driver you MUST accept genuine service animals because it is Uber policy AND a state/federal requirement.

A driver CANNOT lawfully deny service to riders with service animals because of allergies, religious objections, or a generalized fear of animals.

Drivers who engage in discriminatory conduct in violation of this legal obligation will lose their ability to use the Driver App.

Riders can report discrimination by drivers and can obtain $25 credit. Drivers CANNOT claim cleaning fees.

A service animal is an animal that is trained to work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. (Uber statement)
A service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person's disability. Emotional support, therapy, comfort, or companion animals are NOT considered service animals .(ADA statement)

The law provides that there are only two questions that a driver-partner may ask to confirm that a rider's animal is a service animal: (1) Is the animal required because of a disability? And, (2) What work or task has the animal been trained to perform? The driver-partner may not request that the rider present documentation proving that the rider's animal is a service animal. There is no requirement that a service animal wear a tag, be registered, or display any kind of proof that it is a service animal.

See this Uber's USA Service Animal Policy link for full details.

See this Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) link for full details.

If outside USA, check your city/state/country Uber and government policies.

Edit: Uber statement about pets.

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Upfront Pricing

Uber has issued new Upfront pricing that -
1. Charges the pax a set price for a trip. Pax enters the pick up and destination and is provided a set Upfront price for THAT trip.

2. Still pays the driver the same unchanged standard applicable rate (ie base+distance+time etc) less commission.

3. Requires each driver to agree to the new terms otherwise you will not have access to the service.

EG: This means that a pax can be charged $30 while the driver gets $19 for that same trip.

Members have speculated that this is so that Uber can recoup its losses and reduce Surging.

Below is the email sent to drivers. Check your Delete folder for spam if you have not received it.

Making Earnings Easier to Understand

Our commitment to you is to be clear and straightforward about your earnings. We're making a number of changes that will make your earnings easier to understand and access. We will also be updating our driver partner agreement to more clearly reflect the way you earn. This will take effect on Monday, May 22nd.

These updates will not change your earnings. This is not a rate cut. You'll earn the same amount, for the same trip, on Monday, as you do today.

Here are the changes we're making:

  • Easier to understand rates - You'll see the exact rates you earn for every minute and every mile you drive. Previously, you needed to deduct Uber's service fee from your rates to determine your earnings. Now, no math is required. You'll always know exactly what you'll earn. Rates are based on your Uber activation date. You can see all the rates at partners.uber.com starting Monday.
  • Clearer in-app earnings pages - In response to your requests for more clarity in our earnings calculations, we have updated our trip receipts. You'll see a clear breakdown of how your trip earnings were calculated. These details include minimum or base fare, plus time and distance, and any promotions. Fare details, including what the rider paid and Uber's service fee, can be viewed by tapping "Fare Details" on the trip receipt.
  • Faster fare receipts - Seeing what you earn in real-time is important. Our goal is to have earnings details available in the app within 15 seconds after a trip ends.
  • Cash out more earnings, anytime -We're making Boost available for immediate cash out through Instant Pay. This summer, look for us to do the same with earnings from Quest.

As part of our effort to make earnings straightforward and easy to understand,we're also updating our driver partner agreement . These changes reflect that there are times when what a rider pays may be higher or lower than what you earn for a trip. Separating rider payments from driver fares allows us to keep your rates consistent, while offering new ride options like subscriptions. You'll continue to earn based on the minimum and/or base fare, time and distance rates, plus applicable promotions as you do today. The next time you go online you'll receive an in-app notification and agreement request for the updated driver partner agreement.

To experience these updates you will need to update your driver app. Please update to the latest version of the Android or iOS app before May 21st. After that, updating your app will be required to go online and drive.



Edit: may not be implemented in your city, yet.
Lyft has a similar system.

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Uber and 180 days of change

Uber is rolling out changes to the app.
(In some cities and countries)

1. Tips via the pax app.

2. Implement Set Destination feature across most cities.

3. Getting paid while you wait.
Now, you'll earn a per minute fee while you wait for your rider.
  • Paid wait time starts 2 minutes after you arrive at your rider's pickup location.
  • You'll see a timer in the app indicating that wait time is being charged.
  • Only applies to completed trips
You must still wait at least 5 minutes at the rider's pickup location in order to qualify for a cancellation fee for a driver cancel.

4. 24/7 Phone support
  • In your Driver app, tap Help
  • Tap the blue phone icon in the top right of your screen
  • Tap Call Support
Available to all U.S. and Canada by December 2017.

5. Quick rate fix (when you forget to start trip)
  • Go to t.uber.com/farefix and find Issues With My Fare
  • Tap 'I forgot to end or begin my trip'
  • Tap the green Next button
  • Check the pickup and dropoff locations
  • Tap Done. Your fare will be adjusted within a few minutes.
Available now as above and via the Driver app in September 2017.

6. Faster document reviews.
  • Go to the Profile tab of your Driver app and select Documents
  • Any document that needs to be updated will be in red at the top of your screen
  • Tap the expired document and use the Driver app to scan an updated copy
  • Tap Submit
  • We'll review your document and respond within 2 hours via email
Available now in U.S. and Canada

7. Greenlight Hub Appointments
  • In the Help tab in your Driver app, find your issue and scroll down to tap Visit Us In Person
  • Find a location nearby and select an available time that works for you
  • Tap the blue Schedule button to confirm your appointment
Available on Android and iOS for all drivers and delivery partners in the U.S. and Canada by September 2017.

8. Ratings Protection
  • If a rider rates a trip under 5 stars, they'll be asked to provide a reason why.
  • If the reason is something out of your control, like price or GPS issues, the rating will be excluded from your overall rating.
Available now.

9. Getting paid for returning lost items
  • In the Help tab of your Driver app, select Trip Issues and Refunds and find the recent trip with a lost item.
  • Scroll down and tap Help.
  • Select 'I returned a lost item to my rider' and fill out the details.
  • Submit. You will receive $15 payment in 3-5 days on your next weekly pay statement.
Available to all drivers in Boston and Chicago on July 25, 2017, and to all U.S. drivers in August 2017. Available to all drivers in Canada in September 2017.

10. Set your destination 6 times per day (up from 2).
Edit: Subsequently reduced back to 2 by Uber.

11. Long trip notification.
You'll be notified in the app when a trip request is estimated to be 45 minutes or longer, so you'll have the info you need to accept the trips that work for you.

12. UberPool changes
  • Earn an extra flat fare every time an additional pickup stop is added to your trip.
  • New rider education before and after trips.
  • Ride on-time reminders.
  • Feedback comments by Drivers.
  • Straighter routes.
  • Suggested corner pickups and dropoffs.
  • Safer stops.
  • POOL ratings protection.
  • End-of-trip ratings.
13. Earn extra for long pickups.
You'll start earning standard time and distance rates after a period of time on your way to the longest pickups in your area. This fee will be on top of the standard trip fare.

14. Earn more for late cancellations.
Our cancellation policy now protects you for the time you spend driving toward your pickup. When riders cancel, you'll earn either the standard cancellation fee or the standard time and distance rate for your driving before the cancellation-whichever is greater.

15. Earn higher rates on wait times.
To better compensate you for your patience, now you'll earn more per minute if you have to wait longer than 2 minutes for a rider.

16. Earn without worrying about tolls.
You shouldn't have to pay tolls when you're on the way to pick up a rider. We'll soon incorporate tolls into your fare, and we've updated our technology to avoid matching you with a rider on the other side of a toll.

17. Pickup changes
  • Live rider locations
  • Know who you're picking up
  • Reminding riders when you're waiting
  • Get a heads-up on scheduled trips
18. Ratings updates
  • Ratings definitions for riders
  • Clearer feedback from riders on low-rated trips
  • More ratings from riders
  • Balanced ratings
  • More ratings protection
See link for full details.

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New Destination Filter (Testing)

The standard DF allows you to only select one destination 'address' at a time.

It appears Uber is testing a new additional Destination Filter. This one allows you to select an area/region or regions.

This forum link has more info.


Edit: Removed by Uber end of September 2017.
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