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Ola introduces (contactless) food and parcel deliveries

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Email received from Ola (as a driver) on Friday 27 March 2020 at 6.02 pm:
Introducing no contact deliveries​
Hi Jack,​
We understand that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the demand for rideshare.​
At Ola we are working to secure opportunities to help you to increase your earnings and to support your fellow Australians through these unprecedented times.​
From today, we're working with grocers, retailers and restaurants to provide unaccompanied food and parcel delivery to their customers.​
What does this mean for you?​
You will still be able to complete trips with riders, however increasingly bookings may come from businesses to deliver packages or even packaged hot food to someone who is self-isolating in their home.​
Picking up the delivery​
When you have arrived at the pickup location, let the customer know you are there. The customer will then let you know if they are riding or need a parcel to be delivered.

Ask the customer for the particular delivery instructions. Be sure to follow social distancing measures when picking up and dropping off packages.​
Dropping off the delivery​
When you drop off the delivery, be sure to take a photo for your records. Note that some rides may have to deliver at several different locations.​
We understand that deliveries are not for everyone. We're working on improving our platform to allow you to choose whether or not to accept deliveries. Until then, we're hoping that you can help our communities and in turn help us increase demand for you, our drivers.​
Stay safe,
Team Ola​


Jack Malarkey comments:

These delivery arrangements have clearly been introduced in haste and without an adequate platform to support them.

The driver doesn't know whether the ride is a passenger trip or a delivery until after arriving at the customer's request point and contacting the customer.

The driver needs then to obtain delivery instructions and to comply with them. They also need to take a photograph as a record of the delivery.

The driver will have the issues of finding legal and safe parking at both ends of the trip and may have to deliver a parcel far into a block of apartments.

At this stage, there's no option to opt out of deliveries.

And, most importantly, there is no car insurance coverage for deliveries other than with NRMA: see https://uberpeople.net/threads/be-very-careful-about-uber-eats-insurance-coverage.316987/.

From the Bingle website:

Does Bingle cover UberEats drivers? Or other food delivery companies?



Unfortunately no, Bingle does not cover UberEats/other food delivery drivers. Bingle's Uber/Rideshare cover is ONLY for rideshare. It does not extend to food, parcel delivery, taxi's, couriers etc.

Reach out to the Insurance Council of Australia to find the cover that's right for you.

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I always laugh at Ola. Everything they do is always at least a bit wrong.

Hell, their sticker lasted about a day before it started peeling off.
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