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I checked Ola’s “Ride Earning Breakup” for a trip I did today and noticed that they are now charging drivers 22.5% commission, not the 15% they notified us about by email.

The per km amount has now dropped from $1.34 (under the introductory 7.5%) to $1.23 (at 15%) to $1.12.

See attached screenshots that show the change over time.

Is anyone else seeing this on their account?


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Be weary of cheaper prices and lower commission rates, means less money for driver,

We have one here called Zoomy, claims that drivers make up to 40percent more, as they take 15percent, where uber takes 20percent, yet their fares are lower than Uber’s,So it’s better for rider, not drivers

So what I calculated at, work out a to b cost via different apps, then remove commission rate,factor in longer travel times. And discounts, uber gives me cheaper fuel, your paid less with the pretense your making more with lower commission with opposition,

But if you look at say $10 .. minus 15% that’s $8.50 or $10 minus 20% that’s $8 which catches a lot of drivers out. They think they will make more

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