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OK, how do we feel about upfront pricing so far?

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Let me start with this: I hate Uber/Lyft with every inch of my body. Have been driving part time since 2015. So, this gig has never been my main source of income.

Prior to this upfront pricing, my weekly goal has always been $300-$400 while driving 3-4 hrs. per day 5 days per week.

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been making almost twice as much as my weekly goal while driving 3 hrs max per day. On top of that, I’ve noticed I drive now less miles than before - thanks to radar Uber decided to share, finally.

Now, knowing Uber’s history, I can safely assume that there is probably some kind of bate and switch scheme going on right now. So, I have no high hopes for this new gimmick so far.

Just wanted to see what you guys are experiencing and what are your thoughts on this subject.
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So far, I’m a fan. I can completely avoid DC and Baltimore while still keeping plenty busy. It also seems that plenty of rides are paying more than they used to. Yea, some are less, but it seems to me I’m making more/mile and minute at the end of the day because I’m able to cherry-pick. I’m not anal about keeping track of $/mile or $/minute, but I have a pretty good idea of how I’m doing.

This also allows me to get a few more rides per shift because it’s like having unlimited, perfect destination filters when I need to work my way back home. I found the “real” dst filter to be really useless.

I wonder if they are giving us a honeymoon period, and will shortly start shrinking the pay.
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I do wonder how Uber is keeping enough drivers in the cities (Balt and DC). Maybe some drivers prefer the city, but without major surge and/or boosts, I avoid the city at all costs. This new upfront pricing allows me to do just that. Even if I could make a little more in the city (which I’m not convinced is the case), the trade off is more than worth it to me.
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Wow…have you been inactive for a while? Just curious how you got such a generous offer.
No am on a new VIP program
What the heck is a “VIP” program?
I ran my xl vehicle last weekend in hopes of taking advantage of the Halloween crowd, and was surprised that with UFP xl rides didn’t seem much higher than x in many cases.

Now they can price any ride however they want, so you really need to be discerning on what you accept. Surge is almost meaningless now.
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As was suspected, it seems that the offers are not as good as they were when upfront pricing started about 5 months ago. Just my unscientific observation.
Uber is definitely turning the dial in their favor. The offers in the past few weeks seem to be less. The fact that they can just change a parameter in their software without having to publish new rates or creat some sort of “new” program is genius. They can tweek things as needed daily.
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