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OK, how do we feel about upfront pricing so far?

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Let me start with this: I hate Uber/Lyft with every inch of my body. Have been driving part time since 2015. So, this gig has never been my main source of income.

Prior to this upfront pricing, my weekly goal has always been $300-$400 while driving 3-4 hrs. per day 5 days per week.

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been making almost twice as much as my weekly goal while driving 3 hrs max per day. On top of that, I’ve noticed I drive now less miles than before - thanks to radar Uber decided to share, finally.

Now, knowing Uber’s history, I can safely assume that there is probably some kind of bate and switch scheme going on right now. So, I have no high hopes for this new gimmick so far.

Just wanted to see what you guys are experiencing and what are your thoughts on this subject.
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I forgot also you will need to kick 10 passengers out your car mid trip with out ending the ride and drive all the way to the original destination
That's the most important metric, right there
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Upfront pricing can only benefit you if you are a very strategic ride-discriminating driver. You have to know the value of your time and resources compared to each offer. If you're out their ant'ing around, it's just another pay cut. Upfront pricing does make me consider getting activated again, but probably not enough to get the green light.
Uber's cut the pay rates so dramatically this past week that it's become very difficult to find anything close to a respectable offer let alone a lucrative offer. It's not unusual for me to decline 30,40,50 pings in a row.
But you keep driving for them....so they are offering you enough. what makes upfront pricing an attractive offer for me is that it gives me the unlimited destination filter.If I'm already headed from point A to point B, now that I have the information about the trip and the amount of pay, I can make the decision to accept. This is more inline with the "rideshare" original idea...I'm already driving from Fairfax to the city, why not pick someone up and get $15 for it.

The fact that I know the amount of pay isn't worth the risk and the hassle is why I stay inactive.
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