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So I'm sitting with the man's wife waiting for him to come out for a wedding. He says he's on his way so I decided to wait because his wife already in my car. She says sorry about this; you're definitely getting five stars.

Anyway, we have a great conversation and when it's time for them to leave her husband says, " give me five ". She replies by saying; i'm already going to give him five stars. He then shakes his head and says "You just cost me five more dollars. He wants beer money/lap dances not 5 stars." He then says I don't know what I was thinking with marrying this one.

Give mes $20 for a 10 minute trip. I definitely think this setup helps with my tips. I pretend likes its for tolls or past cheapskates giving me 1-2$.
That's what i do, 5-8 bucks folded in 2 or separate bundles. It has definitely made a difference
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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