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I'm getting married November 1st and need to raise about 3500 between now and Oct 30th. I have a full time job from 8:30am-4:30pm. Where should I be looking for rides during the week. I understand Seaside is hot but I think that would be more for weekends?

I've been a "partner" since the beginning of July but my "earnings" are lacking so I know I'm not in the optimal areas.

I did start a gofundme for the wedding but I feel odd posting the link.....

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Depends on where you live. Even with the .90 extra per mile, its really not worth it to drive too far to get Shore rides.

In the mid to south shore area, Ive done better at LBI than Seaside. More north, Asbury can be good but you have to see where the other cars are. Friday/Saturday has become way over saturated there. The way northern shore area (i.e Red Bank area) is terrible now. Way too many cars. I tried it last weekend and did poorly.

If you're further up north, it seems EWR would make more sense. Rates are even better. Be careful there though.

If doing EWR, some tips...

1. Call the pax and ask them if they'd mind getting in the front seat. If you can get them to go to the departure levels, that's better. Alot of Uber savvy travelers now know this.
2. When you locate the pax, get out, shake their hand and make it seem like you know them.
3. Don't sit at the arrivals level waiting for a ping.
4. Term C usually has the most uber cars, I like A & B. Less cops, less ubers there.
5. Circling the express lane is worthless. Too far away to get pings.

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Hang out at the Bayhead or the PT Pleasant train station during the weekend day hours. When it gets dark, I go elsewhere, but during the day on Fri and Sat always someone coming off that train. Seaside Heights is only good past 11 when people are going home from the bar and YES many are really drunk. In front of Hemingway Cafe is this metered parking. Park right there after 11. Now it will be very noisy with lots of sketchy people, but people will come right out of Hemingway and want to go home.

As for the cops at Newark airport, Ive been dropping people off regularly there almost every day since I started. One time I did 7 trips in a day. Just dont drop off near the cops. Lets say you do get a ticket like I did once at Newark airport. I go the $54 obscure plates ticket because of my honesty and kindness towards the officer. However, you might get the classic 4 tickets they give to some driver. Uber sends out an attorney with you. You get two tickets knocked off and the other two reduced. You pay the tickets and Uber reimburses you direct deposit. Remember to bring cash to court. So just dont pick up or drop off by cops. but if you get a ticket or tickets its not a big deal. The hardest part of the tickets is enduring the cops horrible attitude and going to court. Just be strong and know that this is just another risk to the biz. I personally could not stop going to Newark airport. I need that place.

When I got the ticket at Newark Airport, I went right back with more passengers to drop off. I need to eat first and foremost. Nevermind the cop and their tickets and attitude. I need to eat first and foremost. If Uber is willing to foot the bill for the attorney and court its a risk I will take.
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