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obstructing traffic at intersection

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On E39 driving towards to Lexington Ave, green light with more than 25 Sec left, it seemed a little crowed in the fornt, but was still moving.
Passed the Lexington Ave, and got jamed on the crosswalk with front wheels, traffic was still slowly moving, light turned red, two rear wheels
was on the crosswalk. at the very same second, one police and one traffic police (traffic agent-formerly known as "brownies") showed up from the right
corner, the traffice police walked to the front of my vehicle scanned my registeration with her scanner and telling me you are getting a summon at the
same time. 5 seconds later a summon was printed and dispalyed on my windshield. Under parking violation 4-08(e)(12), 115$ with no points.
The car behind mine got stopped by the police, Dude was asked to pull over, I saw he was getting his driver license out.
The whole process took less than 2 minute !

I love this city !
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U guys run a yellow to block intersection all the time see the stupidity every day wait till there is clear space then proceed jeez
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If you need to be babied on how to drive you shouldnt drive fine new job its been like that for years if u cant fit on the other side dont cross n block the box its always someone elses fault for each idiot that blocks the box
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