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There is a difference between sales tax and income tax.

I understand that UBER sends drivers a 1099 at the end of the year. Here, you will pay taxes based on your earnings. So those decent pay weeks or months become even less.

Sales tax, I remember getting a post card form NY State back in, gosh, 2008 or so??? It informed me that livery companies would start collecting the 8+% sales tax. I simply went out and got taxi plates at a local village.
Sales tax is paid buy the consumer and should not be charged to the driver. Remember, when doing your yearly taxes, most can claim sales taxes on everything they purchased for the tax year. You'd be surprised how much that adds up to.

Because of many loopholes, like getting taxi plates and collecting "0" in sales tax while performing the same task, job or service, the sales tax should be abolished.

It sucks seeing taxis with "all airports" posted in the rear windows, performing the same work as liveries, yet not collecting any sales tax (not NYC). The tax causes the taxi rates to seems more affordable, by at least 8%.

A flat tax on ALL for hire vehicles including taxis should be collected when registering the vehicle at the DMV. $1,000, $2000??? Who knows. Perhaps, take the $$$$$24 million (wow) (2009 figures) the tax generates and divide it by the number of for hire vehicles registered in the state.

Or, better yet, New York officials should get their act together and just stop wasting money. :cool:
1 - 1 of 83 Posts
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