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NYC/NYS sales tax

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Perhaps one of the more seasoned drivers can explain this to me as I'm new to this market.

What is the reason that drivers pay the sales tax out of fares? Is it not like when you go to a restaurant and the consumer pays the tax on whatever their bill is?

Shouldn't it be sales tax on top of the fare, paid by the consumer and collected by uber?

Sorry did a search and couldn't find this answered on here, although I'm sure it has been discussed.

Also, read an article that said that uber claims it pays more than its fair share of tax here in NY... I hope they are not referring to the tax that drivers pay out of our fares.
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I love Juno Official response.

Sounds just like Uber.

I said it before and I'll say it again: Juno will be no different. LoL. You can just tell by their responses above. Utter lies to deceive the drivers. They all take their drivers for total fools.
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The drivers pay the sales tax.

The riders receipt shows a break-down as if the rider paid the sales tax.

The sales tax comes out of the drivers total. i.e. 20% commission, plus 8.875% sales tax, plus 2.75% BCF (or whatever the % is)

There are no ifs or buts about this. All these people including Juno Official and Ryan Price are either total idiots or too smart to believe they can lie through it. I don't get it. Why do y'all have to lie? It doesn't even make sense.
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