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(I hope this post is ok, if not please delete thank you)

I represent a cannabis company out in California and we are looking for a partner for the upcoming NY State licensing program. I was also a long time uber driver and appreciate this forum, so would like to extend this incredible economic opportunity to other folks who are hustling and putting in the miles out there!

What We Offer
  • Complete application support from beginning to end, including company incorporation, preparation, and submission of all required documents
  • Complete funding of the project from start to finish = NO investment required from you, all fees, store build-out & operations fully funded
  • On-going operational partnership while you retain majority ownership – no prior cannabis experience required; we bring all storefront operations expertise
  • Simply put, we will handle the process from A to Z with no cost to you, you retain 51% of company
Who Qualifies
  • Track record of owning at least 10% of a business that was profitable for 2 years - Driving for Rideshare counts as long as you filed your taxes and reported the income
  • Does not have to be currently in operation & you do not have to be a current owner of the business
  • Independent Contractor counts as a business owner
  • You or a dependent (spouse, parent, child, legal guardian) have been convicted of a cannabis-related offence in New York State prior to March 31, 2021.
  • A cannabis arrest that ultimately led to a conviction for another offense, such as a non-drug offense or lesser offense/plea deal qualify
  • Veterans and folks from low-income areas are highly encouraged to get in touch with us and apply
Hope this is of interest of someone out there that qualifies. If you do qualify, even if its not with us I suggest you apply to the program and give it a shot at this opportunity!

Contact: [email protected] or reply here thanks!

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With your own license its basically feel free to get high on your own supply... forever! :)
But I thought you never got high on your own supply?

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Hate to play devil's advocate but...

I need to point out that even if NY (city and state) legalize marajuana there's still a lot of pitfalls from operating a quasi legal service.

The federal government can legally sieze your supply and all the cash you collect.

Banks (or credit card companies) can't legally service you. And if you do any sort of "trick" to bypass this it's fricken money laundering.

The feds don't allow you to deduct business expenses, because it's an illegal product (to the feds). So you're not paying tax on the profit of the business your paying taxes on the revenue.

less than 2 years ago an ARMORED FRICKEN TRUCK got plundered by the cops in nevada who was servicing LEGAL weed businesses. The drivers werent even charged, the truck was just pulled over and plundered.

THIS is what you are getting involved in when you try to make it work in a LEGAL pot business.

A cash only business where the feds can seize your cash and you have no legal recourse.

And this isn't to say that your not at risk from illegal drug dealers or armed robbers either. If everyone knows you have cash on hand (which you will if you can't legally handle credit cards) that puts you at an elevated risk of robbery.

I think you're still a few years away from pot businesses being a "good idea". Personally I think they are still money pits that are too high risk of being seized.

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you can deliver weed with no risk since its legal without some silly app or company taking a cut, tracking you, making you take photos of peoples i.d.s the amount of stalking the states want to do is comical and inefficient, most dispensaries and licenses it takes 500K just to start up so again all the wealthy parasites can participate trying to squeeze the og drug dealers who all have records out of the business

a year after it becomes legal in a state theres plenty of hustlers willing to deliver weed cheaper than the dispensary & again theres almost no risk.

After the novelty wears off the 1st year the black market goes back to booming while the million dollar dispensaries and overpriced weed only gets sold to tourists and idiots. 1st year its lines around the block 2nd year its a big empty building wih fancy glass cases, flatscreens on the walls, "budtenders".... trying to sell ounces for 300+ when 1000 people are more than willing to bring it to your door for less 100-150

Middlemen need to become extinct

run an ad on craiglist will pay .... for you to go to dispensary for me & boom youll get offers for less than the dispensary and the ridiculous taxes taht arent being used how the state said they would use them.
Doing a weed delivery service becomes 1000 times MORE DANGEROUS if it becomes legal.

Because you can't (legally) accept any payment except cash (regardless of it's legality) you become an instant target for theives.

Honestly I suspect the illegal dealers to flourish in the legal market. First of all the number of people willing to buy weed increases over night, because the risk of possessing it decreases.

Next due to the rediculous taxes imposed on it illegal weed becomes much cheaper than legal weed.

Guess what's more expensive in the US. An 8 (yes 8 previous owners) owner used, legal full auto machine gun made in 1979 or a Illegal full auto machine gun made in 2022 fresh off the assembly line?

The legal gun made in 1979 can probobly buy you 15-20 illegal machine guns. Maybe 30...

Ever here of folks smuggling cigs into NYC?

Well that crap is gonna happen all accross the country, except with weed, because it's taxed too highly.
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