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Now we have to take service dogs or be deactivated if complaint

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Settlement today. Is this only blind people or service dogs for any disability?

People buy the service dog vest and patches on eBay so they can take their dog everywhere. People even buy this for pitbulls and are not service dogs. It's against the law to ask for proof or the disibility.

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What the ADA needs to do is get off their hineys and get laws passed, then start "licensing" "training" "authorizing" or whatever they need to do so that service dogs are easily identified.

Anyone then caught violating the rules by falsely claiming a service animal should be fined $10,000 and or jailed for minimum 3 months.
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Why would somebody lie about this? What's to gain?
They want to be able to take their PETS wherever they like. They also turn people against legitimate service dogs when the PETS misbehave in public.

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I get that. Just feels like the dumbest lie to tell. I've never had a dog I could pass off as a service dog. Hell, I've never had a dog that would even drop the stupid ball.
This is just like the healthy people that get handicapped placards. Both should be regulated better with big fines and or jail time for violators.
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