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Now we have to take service dogs or be deactivated if complaint

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Settlement today. Is this only blind people or service dogs for any disability?

People buy the service dog vest and patches on eBay so they can take their dog everywhere. People even buy this for pitbulls and are not service dogs. It's against the law to ask for proof or the disibility.

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What do you mean "now"? You have always been required to take them.

Vests etc are not needed. So having them or not is beside the point.

There ARE pit bull service dogs by the way.

I have had lots of passengers with dogs, and NEVER have the dogs been dirty. The breed should not matter either.
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I'm confused. What are? Yes, vest are required or yes pit bulls can be service dogs?
Yes pit bulls can be service dogs.
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My belief there are never bad dogs just bad owners. Same is true when it comes to kids.
Wise words.
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