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You may not like this, but I recommend changing your work shift - at least thru the fall to late December - to Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights, 6pm - 1am.

Those college kids are your big money makers this time of year on the weekends. Just make sure to STOP before the bars start closing down, or you will get some belligerent kids puking in your car.

Guarantee you’ll bump your earnings back up to 30-35/hour, with less hours.
I appreciate the advice but there’s no way I’m going back to those hours. If I can’t make it during the day shift, it just simply means I need to find new work. I’m burnt out from those clientele from my taxi driving and noob LyUber days, I don’t have the patience for it anymore.

I know for a fact there is business during the day, I have several acquaintances who do Black and X, and even though I’m closer to a certain area than they are, time and time again they let me know Uber has given them an X trip from there and not me. So out of spite, I’ll never work when they want me to. I’d go work at walmart before I do that.
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