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Okay so one thing that really gets me upset is when the passenger chooses a route that takes so much longer than what the navigation says. What makes it worse is that their route is almost always significantly less is mileage which equates to much less pay as the pricing ratio from time to distance is so large. I drive in Los Angeles I always sit in bumber to bumper traffic for an extra 20 minutes for less pay in these instances. Does anybody else get these types of pax/rides?
This happens occasionally and I tell them very politely that "Hi, I'd be happy to go the way you want, but just wanna say that the GPS usually gives the fastest route, and it may be that the route you are choosing has unforseen traffic, which is why the GPS is not selecting your route this time. I find it a good idea to go with the GPS, most of the time. Do you still want to go your chosen way ? "

That usually does it, but sometimes they insist, then you gotta do what they want, if you want a good rating.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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