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I think he is decent enough.

Probably the best of the current bunch.

I have watched every episode, not because it is Top Gear, certainly not because Chris Evans is on it but because I like watching programmes about cars.

Do cringe whenever Evans speaks, I have never really bought into the mantra that he is great.

He was savvy back when he bought the Radio station and made his money, and good luck to him.

But I wouldn't hunt out TV Programmes that he is on, his act hasn't really changed since the Big Breakfast, and he is fast approaching 50.

He needs to grow up.

I am already pricing up an Amazon deal to what the 3 Amigos.

Let's be honest that show might also fail, though I doubt it.

Basically the BBC have taken a hit and made it an also ran.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch.

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I dropped one of the producer(similar role) of the new Amazon Top Gear show to Gatwick few months back, he was flying to the Caribbean or somewhere similar for one of the episodes, the new show is supposed to be more of the specials they used to do in Top gear where they go round the globe doing different challenges rather then the old studio format.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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