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Just have to share this one.

I was out in the Boondocks, Hemet, Ca. Ping to Banning, about 15 miles to pickup, but its moving toward home (DF on). It's a Holiday Inn Express. I arrive, he texts, "Be right there" .

Ok, you already know where this is going, right? But, it's a scheduled trip (you've arrived 3 minutes early. We will pay you for the extra wait time), and the trip is moving me home.

The texts are:
Be right there
Don't leave
I'll tip you

So I chill. At 5 minutes, he texts again

I'm coming

At 7 minutes, the "Qualify for cancel fee" comes up. This is a true dilemma for me. I'm 20 miles from home, and this yahoo will pay for it. On the other hand, he's a pain in the donkey.

I text him

"How much longer? I have another trip waiting."

Now, I figure this might do it. But he replies:

Another 3-4 minutes.

I text,"sorry, gotta go".

What's strange, I was in the area another 20 minutes, running short trips, and he never requested again.

$15 for a cancel. $1/mile.


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we really need to another word besides 'shuffle' this is a clear no show; even tho you seemed to have a txt relationship with him. In my book, way too much work, but you were kinda rewarded.

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As soon as he said "I'll tip you" that was your clue to bail. I understand why you wasted a few more minutes on him. But mentioning the tip is the kiss of death.

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He was heading to the Casino, Morongo. So the tip was probably going to happen.
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