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not joking about DTS cops ticketing.

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In Margate.

love when he yells at the cop " you're costing me $40 bucks".
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Wow he has a career in making videos like this though at least
Can't wait to follow this story..
Is it my imagination, or was this driver George Burns father? Or was it George and Gracie driving. Obviously he was older than time, he was born in the year gimmel or thereabouts. Uber On - old timer!
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He did arguer with the police officer. They are trained to never back down... I know this sounds bad but I do get stopped a lot after 2am for a lot of little things because they are just checking to see if you have been drinking... "I'm sorry I did not know" goes a long way... 2am in the morning (or anytime) is not the time to do a debate about what's right or wrong about a stop...
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All the music and nonsence is ridiculous. Old geezer should be playing bingo or bocci ball with the other crustys. That being said, another example of jack boot small town cops punching down at a guy trying to earn a couple bucks. That loser cop probably making 125 k in that little podunk town. Egatz!!! Moral of story, move out of Jersey. And i hope grandpa hits the jackpot at the next bingo game. B 7 !!!!!!! BINGO!!!!!
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