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Because it keeps drivers on the road to some extent.

You have to view what's happening with the correct optics to understand from a business strategy standpoint Uber is simply doing what's in its best interest.

- Uber knows that not paying surges will result in increased support requests.

- Uber knows that:
  1. Only X% of drivers will even notice the missing surge = They retain profits
  2. Uber knows that their support reps time being spent on this are a fraction of the cost of what's being saved by them simply not paying their drivers as agreed. This means they retain more profits
  3. Uber knows lowering support quality will result in drivers not getting their fares corrected. Try calling support about this. You will be put on hold for intervals of two minutes over and over. That is the agent bouncing between calls. Not resolving your issue. You will be disconnected. You'll try again. Uber knows a large portion of the drivers they didn't pay will = give up. Uber retains profits
  4. Uber knows that with the Election / SCOTUS / COVID stories dominate the media and no story will get any attention other than those major news stories. Meaning Uber knows all the complaining in the world by every Uber driver out there won't get a second of coverage by mass media. We are two weeks out from the election. There are BIGGER stories. They face no bad press on this. There is no reason for them to not simply not pay drivers. There's no repercussions. Uber saves millions
  5. Uber knows they will in coming years drivers who've worked years for them- their Diamond drivers 5 Star - Their very best, will quit. This is GOOD for Uber... Why?
  6. By quality declining as top drivers exit and new terrible drivers only remain: It supports their mission to get their AI Autonomous Cars on fast track. Likely getting huge government funding. Big win
  7. Uber is doing what they should do. To reach their goal.

    BOTTOM LINE - IF YOU DONT WORKING FOR UBER, DONT. You aren't needed... you are a I relevant and don't matter.
Spot on. I think #1-3 are the primary reason.

For those getting screwed out of Surge, might I suggest Shuffling to make yourself whole?

Shuffle to get what you're owed, then Shuffle that amount again as Uber's penance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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