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In Philadelphia, no one escapes the scrutiny of the parking authority - not even the city's police commissioner.

Commissioner Richard Ross was attending a speaking engagement at a downtown hotel Tuesday morning when he was ticketed for parking in a zone that is off limits during rush hour.

Police say he paid the ticket. The amount was not disclosed.

Anyone who parks in the city knows the Philadelphia Parking Authority Mafia means (corrupt) business. It's a reputation that was reinforced when its ticket-writers and booters were featured on the A&E reality TV series "Parking Wars."

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I remember the one time a philly cop stopped me and gave me crap for rolling through the stop sign in Rittenhouse Square ... it's not like I blew through it but I guess I didn't come to a 100% complete stop ... with all the driving crap in philly I was like "really?!" But no ticket just wanted an apology and to appreciate him not giving me a ticket
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