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What hours did you double dip or did you hit all 4 hours?
Headed out to overlap of zones @14:50 (hiding online since 14:00 at home for potential Lyft hour at last minute, and with passive Select-only in its usual always on mode for Uber - turned out a waste, no ping from either anyway)

Hit Lyft 15:00-19:00 w/ one ride per hour , all shorties but got stuck in traffic for one of em

Ran Uber 15:00-19:00 with roughly 3:15 online for 5-ride qualification rather than risk all-in for 6 rides... Unfortunately Uber guarantees do NOT overlap with my fave spot to hit Lyft guarantees, correctly anticipated some time wastage from Lyft

Pros: Uber provided VERY efficient shorties and surprisingly high-quality UberX pax...think the region has "trained" them that minfares are only provided to high-rated toes-on-curbers w/o any odd requests

Cons: had to discriminate some on Lyft, had to take some imperfect guarantee rides due to demand constraints and prior merciless discrimination towards confused and new people
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