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All my trips since Saturday except 1 pool was uberx and I did not get a 2nd pax in that 1 pool trip. Theory is driver saturation is causing drivers to get 2 trips per hour instead of pool. I am not complaining because I am in the same boat that I just manage to get that 2nd trip in that hour completed.
Can't comment about Monday or Tuesday, but all last week including Sunday half my pickups were Pool, but the pools were all 4 or 5 pickup chains. So that actual trips A to B was about 10-15% Pool and the rest UberX.

I only had two single pickup pools last week entirely in 100 rides

Both I have noticed and the riders have commented/complained that the "out of the way" distance to make pickups or extra dropoffs have been increased. This increases the time spent on any multi-pickup ride (at the lower rates) and wastes more of the riders time.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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