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No promotion these week

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I didn't get any promotion these week is there any one same ?


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No promotions means more earnings for our partners
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That's not bad. I haven't made a Quest in weeks. Acceptance rate was too low on a few of them. Base rate Pools? Not happening.

I figured they'd give me a good one to incentivize me. Oh well.
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Do you guys think the metals will be back?
They'll probably come up with some new dog and pony show. They realize no one drives for base rates (or drives for long) as it's not worth it. They know the current rates aren't sustainable for drivers, thus the need for gimmicks like Quest.

Raising rates would solve a lot of this issue and save them headaches, but it's been made abundantly clear that ain't happening.

It would be nice if they did do Metals again. If they try to make Platinum 1.4X in one zone they're on crack. :D
Want to see mine? 63 trips for $70..basically a buck per trip extra...what a crock! I'll do Lyft for another week and see how it goes..

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How many trips did you do last week? Do you consistently hit Quest?

I think Rohit and the gang just throw darts to see who gets what Quest. No rhyme or reason
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How is it not sustainable? As a rider, I can vouch there are always plenty of ants on the rider app. And I never have to wait more than a min or two for pick up.

Translation: there are plenty of drivers. The Camry Crew and tons of recent immigrants are willing to do the job if you won't.
I know you love coming on here and bashing drivers because it makes you, in some small sense, feel superior. Why you do is beyond me . When I'm done Ubering I will also be done here. I won't come to demean people.still driving. If you're trying to win people to your point of view, insulting them isn't the way to do it.

I meant sustainable in terms of drivers ability to make decent money and staying at it long term. Even the 'recent immigrants' as you call them (mods please don't ding me, I'm quoting him) realize base rates with no Boost/Surge suck and don't stick around. I've seen quoted on here the average driver stays 3-6 months. Turnover wouldn't be so high if drivers were making more.
Does anyone know if other US cities stopped doing quest and or boost? What are they on now?
L.A. has Boost and Quest. Generally it seems L.A. is the guinea pig for inane shit Uber wants to try. They had smaller zones before we did. They also got 1.1X (a joke AND an insult simultaneously) when the lowest we had was 1.4X.

Seems like L.A. is the guinea pig or canary in the coal mine.

As bad as we have it here, they have it worse: no minimum fare, lower rates and worse traffic. The hot Cali women don't make up for that lol
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