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No money, lots of drivers

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Anybody else notice how brutal it is in Edmonton these days? Way too many drivers and not enough trips = hardly any money. McDonalds pays $13 an hour in town. Uber can't be averaging more than $4 to $8 an hour nowadays, once you've factored in true costs. What I don't get is why so many drivers are staying online. Is it really worth it to sit in a parking lot for an hour to get a single $8 fare of which you get $5.60? I get why Uber wants as many drivers as possible. What I don't get is why so many people accept this terrible arrangement? I find myself only turning on the app when I'm out and about anyway for short periods. It's just not worth it to drive a guy from Southside down town and then get no return fare, even if you wait an hour or more.

It would be nice of Uber made the rating system worth something. For example, make it so that if two cars are within 500 metres of each other and a request comes in, the fare goes to the driver with the higher rating. That way customers get better service and drivers offering superior service get more money. Unless Uber does something in Edmonton to make this more viable for drivers then I think service will slide. If you make no money you're gonna wash your car less, be grumpy and find ways to cut corners. That's when people will stop raving so much about Uber.

Back to my first point. Why are there so many guys out there willing to make less than minimum wage driving for Uber?
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Same here but I did have a good couple hours last night. Was driving home from Red Deer and decided to start Uber at airport to see if I could be paid to drive home.
4 hours later and 7 rides (including a 1.5 surge from Whyte to 167 Ave) I had a good night.

It just never seems to be busy enough when you really wanna work but sometimes you get a couple when you least expect it.
yeah the only way to make it a mildly reasonable effort is to do it just as you did - turn it on while out and about anyway with no firm time commitments. If you get something then bonus no skin off your back. I used to turn it on while sitting around at home but stopped doing that because too often would I drive 10 minutes to get someone, then wait 5 minutes, then drive them 10-15 minutes then hang around for an hour near where I dropped them off and then just end up driving back home because there's no more fares. Hence, I'd be making less than minimum wage.
AltaClip, I had the same last Monday. I was in Terwilligar at 9 about ready to pack it in for the night and then BAM, out of nowhere I was steady until 2:30 and I made $135 after Uber's cut. I would argue Friday nights are the worst for us because everyone and their dog is out driving Uber.
There's truly more drivers now. For me, on Monday to Thursday, I usually go to a Starbucks downtown after work to study or doing the usual stuff I would do home, and if I have a request for a ride, it is extra money. I go downtown since the fare more outside the city, you have to drive 10-15 min and won't likely have another ride in the drop off area. Then you have to ride the same distance or more, witch is a loss of money.
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