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NJ Unemployment Lawyers

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With this being so confusing, how do u guys feel about contacting an unemployment lawyer?

On a side note, if you can recommend 1, please share.
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The puny lawyer that I/we could afford would have no chance against the scope and resources of Uber's tenured legal camp - their own rabbid posse of junkyard legal dogs. Remember, Uber's been effectively deploying their uber-experienced and funded legal teams against adversaries like The City of London and other worthy opponents for a decade. They're pretty good at it and dedicate seemingly unlimited budgets as needed, to fund it.

Besides, starting that fight now is likely not necessary. I had read in various places, that Uber intends to cooperate with all the states (who all my have varying claim criteria) on supplying the necessary driver data to facilitate their individual UI claims processes. And that admittedly, this record-breaking paperwork challenge will be their largest in history. I saw various estimates that it might take 3 weeks to tweak their claims processes to accommodate this new form of claimant - the gig worker. And then they'd need at least a couple of weeks beyond that to start issuing direct deposits. One report I heard said that we'd get our rebate checks before the unemployment checks, but those checks would be retroactive to the time our claim took effect.

Because I have evolved a healthy dose of cynicism, I will always have my doubts that those in power - with the sticky fingers - will find a way again, to reach into our pockets and take what they think is theirs. The junkyard dogs MAY throw us a bone. I'll be more optimistic when I see the money.
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