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NJ Unemployment Lawyers

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With this being so confusing, how do u guys feel about contacting an unemployment lawyer?

On a side note, if you can recommend 1, please share.
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I know of one when I was downsized in 2012, he wanted a 5k retainer to take my case.
It's not really that confusing lol just go to New Jersey Unemployment and file a claim it only takes about 15 minutes.

I wouldn't contact an attorney like he said above, they will take all your money so it's not even worth it.

If NJ denies your claim, you can appeal and will most likely get the money back at some point in a lump sum.

I'm not sure how Uber will work though; any other NJ employer is pretty straightforward if you pay into the UI fund.
Plus They bill at 400 to 500 an hour and everytime you call them they charge you. 5k does not go a long way.
Yeah it's not worth it for unemployment. Most people would only make like 5K out of it, so all the UI checks would go right to the attorney.
It was not worth it for the age discrimination case I had. As soon as I hire a lawyer the multi billion dollar corporation that let me go would freeze my severance package and drain my ads dry since they had so many inhouse lawyers its no big deal for them. My lawyer was impressed with the package I negociated on my own.
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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