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Newer players in rideshare/taxi taking on Uber and Lyft

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(Bloomberg) -- A number of upstart ride-hailing apps are taking on Uber and Lyft with the promise of treating drivers better.

Among them are Dallas-based Alto, which hires drivers as employees and gives annual compensation. Empower, based in McLean, Virginia, and Wridz in Austin, Texas give 100% of cab fares to the driver. The Drivers Cooperative in New York promises a share in the profits.

Drivers for Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc. have long complained about issues from platform charges to employment status. As quarantines decimated demand for rides, many drivers quit and found unemployment benefits outpaced wages from driving, some shifted into food and grocery delivery, while others sought full-time work. This shift in the power dynamics between drivers and the apps saw the tech giants paying millions in bonuses to lure them back. The new startups can tap into that dissatisfaction. But to win market share they must confront the efficiency with which Uber and Lyft match riders with drivers, and the massive scale of those companies. The incumbents have reported progress in luring and retaining drivers, raising pressure on new entrants to ensure they can compete...
Uber and Lyft Drivers’ Complaints Are a Startup Opportunity
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You know writers haven't done their homework and are using outdated and/or incorrect info when they still have Has-been Harry Campbell on speed-dial.

Campbell's been a non-entity since at least 2018 if not earlier and even in his "heyday" he was never an advocate for the drivers.

Campbell's a "long time" driver? When did he ever drive more than just barely enough to keep his "street cred"?

Uber takes "almost" 27% in "commission"? LMAO.

Someone in the comments section said he stopped reading after the 27% commission claim.
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