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Soul Brotha, welcome aboard.

Read as many posts as you can. Many posts are a good start to help you on your daily trip to make a living wage off of ubering. Believe half of what you read, and take them at their word only after you've tested/verified it for yourself.
Not everyone is out here to help you make money, but instead, dissuade you from driving for uber. Like you, we are all here to make money. Otherwise, we wouldn't put up with this shit, crappy pay, long hours, etc., etc.

If you drive UberX, don't log on, until you see the Uber Rider app show a 1.5x surge or higher. Then, you log on and work as usual. After your trip, check the Rider app and if there is no surge, log off, and repeat.

If you are UberPlus, search for the hot spots and go there. Never, ever, park on the same block as other drivers, unless its a hotel, convention or event going on. We call this "breathing room". One block away is fine, if anyone complains that you're blocking them off by being 1 block away, tell them to **** Off they don't own the city or have dibs on any place except for where their car is presently parked.

Don't do stupid stuff, 'cause uber can and will deactivate you. ie. You will stop making money by driving for uber.

Any specific questions, just go ahead and ask.
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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