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Here's a new service that pax are demanding.. Uber Potty.- Your loyal uber driver will find a bathroom for you to use- During your Uber trip... Because You are A valued customer.- Although there should be a fee.

Twice in last few days, pax have asked me to find a bathroom for them. One lady I can kind of understand, but the other story..What, is she 3 ? First lady was on long ride with traffic from DC to Fairfax. About a 40-50 minute ride. She asked me to find her a gas station halfway on the trip. I didnt mind too much, we drove by a gas station.I think she had just been to Happy Hour, and it hit her on the ride.

The 2nd lady was with her boyfriend and we were only going 5-6 blocks to their destination. She was whining and groaning, wiggling around like a little kid doing the "potty dance". She said she couldnt wait any longer..and I envisioned trying to get a cleaning fee for pee and trying to get the smell out. So we stopped in a church parking lot, where her boyfriend shielded her while she "went".

So.. now when a pax asks ,"I have a strange request.."- I think.. Now what?
On a couple of my trips I've offered if necessary. Of course those were my 2 hour + runs to Delaware and New Jersey.
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